Bespoke Play Areas
Using Natural Materials

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The best part of this job is bringing a tired and underused play space back to life and full use again.

The staff at Maidenhead Nursery School were concerned that this small corner of their early years outdoor space was uninspiring and outdated. During the initial consultation with Oliver they shared their hopes for a play area that would inspire creativity in their children. A place that would, through play, give opportunities for design, problem solving, experimentation, teamwork and lots of fun.

The provision of this large blackboard gives ample opportunity for mark making. The simple enjoyment of using chalks will develop into sketching, mathematical mark making and letter formation. The seating arrangement encourages group participation as children can design and plan together.

The variety in this small space is very exciting. The intention is to allow free expression and sensory exploration as the design area flows neatly into a weighing and measuring table. Scales and a simple pulley system add a scientific edge to play as children experiment with mass and gravity.

Our ever popular texture kitchen acts as a focal point for learning through sensory play. This is the ideal environment for children to mix potions, make their own playdough, create slime, goo, mud pies and more. All our sturdy wooden units are fully oiled and can withstand plenty of messy play.

The workshop tool bench is the place for the industrious child to create and build while the entrepreneurs can set up business in the shop.

Planters filled with grasses and fragrant herbs add an important touch of green to the space and encourage care for the natural world as the children help water the plants and watch them thrive.

The team at Cool Canvas have loved designing, constructing and installing this natural play area and we hope the children at Maidenhead Nursery School will enjoy this fun new learning environment.