Bespoke Play Areas
Using Natural Materials

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Here is a glimpse of the increasingly popular outdoor classroom.

The staff at St. Thomas of Canterbury RC primary school were keen to provide their students with a full size, all weather, outdoor classroom that could fit a class of year 6 children.

The benefits of an outdoor classroom are well recognised. Messy art, noisy music and super science lessons can be taught with far greater freedom outside, and being closer to nature enhances the whole experience.

Our outdoor classroom was constructed on site using beautiful rose-hued Douglas fir planks and rich pink cedar roof shingles. The rustic feel to the classroom blends perfectly with the surrounding trees allowing the children to be absorbed by their natural surroundings.

The front and sides are left open to act as a visual frame to enhance observational skills and stimulate creativity.

On the rear wall a slice of Beech provides a fascinating time tree. The children will be able to bring history to life as they plot major world events against this two hundred year old timepiece.