Bespoke Play Areas
Using Natural Materials

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How I started developing outdoor play areas.

It all begin when I was a child. My family went through a time of huge financial hardship. My parents lost their home and all their worldly possessions. With four kids to feed and clothe they were just about able to afford the rent on a ramshackle farm house. The house was set in the middle of hundreds of acres of unmanaged estate with a mile long crumbled dirt track connecting us to the outside world. Vandals had damaged the house so it was surrounded by a 20ft high mesh security fence.

To other people this may have looked like hell on earth. However, to my family this was an opportunity for us to explore our surroundings, and for me personally to develop a passion for being outside and making my own adventures.

Without any spare money to spend on toys and gadgets, we made everything from the natural resources that were scattered throughout the woodland and surrounding grounds. We built treehouses and forts, walkways, dens, watch towers and even a stable for an abandoned pony.

During those early adventures I formed a lifelong bond with nature and a great love for playing outside. Now, through my work, I have been able to encourage a whole new generation of children to find inspiration in in the limitless joy of natural play.

What we provide.

Here at Cool Canvas we offer a unique approach to designing and installing your bespoke play space. We don’t supply off the shelf products. Each play ground is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client and the children, and can be made to fit any size play space.

Read ‘What we do’ to learn more about the design process.

Our finished products use a variety of timber resources, including untreated fallen trees, Tanalised wood, and living willow, to provide opportunities for climbing, digging, water play, mixing, mark making, den building… the list is endless.

When a playground is finished we offer workshops to demonstrate how to get the best from your natural play space, and to inspire children and adults to develop the space further by adding their own unique touches.

Why choose Cool Canvas

We aim to help children and adults rediscover the pure fun of playing in a natural environment. Limitless play opportunities creates happy and inspired children.

Who do we work for?

We have installed natural play spaces in towns, cities and villages across the UK. From schools and nurseries to private play centres and individual families, no project is too big or too small.

Click on ‘Contact Us’ or call Oliver on 01204 840284 to take the first step towards reimagining your outdoor play space.

Our Awards

  • E3 Business Awards 2015 Green business of the year.
  • Hulton Lane sheltered Accommodation – Environmental Project of the Year award 2007 sponsored by Bolton at Home
  • Hunger Hill Action Group – Environmental Project of the Year award December 2008 sponsored by Bolton at Home
  • Cool Canvas won the 2009 Community Business of the Year Award for Bolton and Bury

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