About Us

How I started developing outdoor play areas.

As a child I was exposed to lots of creativity. My parents always encouraged my passion for art and making things! I’m dyslexic so struggled with the academic side of education, but this didn’t stop me. 

I used to help my dad during the summer holidays doing his gardening round and picking up tips on how amazing it is to work with your hands and the magic associated with knowledge of plants and trees. It inspired me to learn all about it.

My up bringing gave me the foundation and confidence to explore and experiment with materials and at a young age I knew I wanted to do something creative in the outdoors.

After finishing my degree in Fine Art Painting, I got a job working with an arts agency in EYFS provisions for 6 years. This gave me an understanding of the curriculum and combined with my background in the arts and gardening, I unwittingly started to combine everything together working on small natural play projects. The natural progression began to unfold into what it is today.

Cool Canvas has evolved year on year. It’s a lifestyle business, everyone who works with us is encouraged to be creative, we all love what we do and we hope you can see how this is reflected in our work.

What we provide.

Here at Cool Canvas, we offer a unique approach to designing and installing your bespoke play space. We don’t supply off the shelf products. Each playground is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client and the children and can be made to fit any size of play space.

Our finished products use a variety of timber resources, including untreated fallen trees, Tanalised wood, and living willow, to provide opportunities for climbing, digging, water play, mixing, mark making, den building… the list is endless.

When a playground is finished we offer workshops to demonstrate how to get the best from your natural play space and to inspire children and adults to develop the space further by adding their own unique touches.

Why choose Cool Canvas

We aim to help children and adults rediscover the pure fun of playing in a natural environment. Limitless play opportunities create happy and inspired children.

Who do we work for?

We have installed natural play spaces in towns, cities and villages across the UK. From schools and nurseries to private play centres and individual families, no project is too big or too small.

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