Barnham Primary – Suffolk

Designed for adventure

Set in a beautiful part of the country this play space wanted to reflect the surrounding environment. We designed and created an investigation area linked with the texture kitchen space that unfolded into the dry riverbed, this made loads of opportunities for outdoor learning. And not forgetting the bespoke core strength area designed by Oliver and Amy the head teacher over a cup of tea and biscuits.

We arrived onsite with the plan, but that plan quickly went out of window once the journey began and what was finally created was so much better than the original drawing. Another example of reacting to the site and not being penned in by sticking to original ideas.

Area Includes

  • Texture kitchen
  • Large step in sandpit with boot basher!
  • Artificial grass mixed with planting to soften it in
  • Workshop area/pig pens
  • Storage solutions
  • Performance area
  • Ticket booth
  • Core strength area
  • Planting
  • Dry river bed

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