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As a family run business, we have a brilliant team who work with us to provide the best service possible to all our clients. We thought a question and answer session might be the best way for you to get to know us.

Olly Wotherspoon

Managing Director

What’s your best childhood memory of playing outdoors?

One snowy day my parents helped my brothers, sister and me to build an igloo using empty ice-cream tubs. I have the photos somewhere to prove it. It ended up with my little brother hitting me with a spade. I still have the scar!

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done so far?

When we were teenagers, my best friend and I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. We couldn’t afford to buy plane tickets so we decided to cycle the whole way there. With no preparation, all the wrong gear and naïve to all the hazards of such a journey, we arrived three weeks later having had the adventure of a lifetime.

What’s the most satisfying part of your work?

I Love the initial consultation when I first meet the Early Years practitioners at a new school. Often they are frustrated by the shortcomings in their outdoors play space and I like being able to see the potential for a whole new space. It’s a blank canvas. As the children and staff discuss what they would like to have in place, I can shape a design to suit them. It’s a privilege to work with schools and nurseries and give their outdoors area a brand new lease of life.

Tamsin Wotherspoon

What is your best childhood memory of playing outside?

There are so many good memories. In retrospect most of them involve me making some kind of a mess. My mum was very patient with me. My sister and I liked to run around the garden squeezing bottles of talcum powder into the air. We were pretending to be fairies making magical fairy clouds. Oh, and making perfume! Rose petals and grass and water and more talc… the concoctions we produced never smelled quite how I expected though.

And bubbles. Paddling pools filled with bubbles and whisked to a frothy foam with hand whisks, then we would cover all the plants and grass with bubbly white foam. And we made igloos in the snow, and dens in the summer…

Looking back now I can see how utterly absorbed I was in the games we played. My sister and I really were fairies, and we truly believed we had turned the garden to white with our bubble mixture. That is part of the reason why I feel so happy getting involved in children’s imaginary play. It is so real to them at that moment and it opens up a whole world of possibilities.

So apart from imaginary play, what is the next best thing in your work in Cool Canvas?

I take great enjoyment in sharing my passion for play. Whenever I run a workshop with a group of Early Years teachers I feel I am able to fire their imaginations and creativity in how to best use the play areas that we provide. It’s often the simple things that work best, creating with sticks or leaves, or mud modelling on tree trunks. I enjoy helping other adults to see the world through a child’s eyes and to use whatever tools are at hand to build an imaginary world.

Richard Wotherspoon


What is your favourite childhood memory of playing outside?

My parents had a house on the beach at Sandbraes, Whiting Bay on the Isle of Arran. At 12 years old, I had a 14ft wooden clinker built boat which my sisters and I would take out sailing, fishing and riding the wake of Waverley paddle steamer!

What is the best bit about your job?

The look of amazement of the customers faces when we have completed a job.

Aidy Astley

How long have you and Olly worked together?

It’s been about 6 years.

And what is the best bit of your job?

It’s hard to say. I like it all. It’s varied and each job is so different. I certainly don’t get bored.

What is your best memory of playing outside as a child?

I climbed trees. All the time. There’s nothing like getting to the top of a tree.

Susan Foster

Office Manager

(aka Ground control)

When did you start work at Cool Canvas?

I joined the team in September 2013

What do you like most about your work?

I love the variety of my work. One day I’m sourcing camo nets and water pumps, the next I’m dealing with IT and finances. We also have clients from all over the country and each play space we produce is so individual. I enjoy seeing the projects unfold from the initial request for a quote to the photos of the final play area.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Camping holidays in Spain with my parents.

Stuart Mann

 As the most recent addition to Cool Canvas, What do you enjoy most about your job?

There a really good working atmosphere at Cool Canvas.


What is you favourite childhood memory of playing outdoors?

I’ve always loved football and as a child I spent most of my time outside kicking a ball around.


Paul Conway

Paul has worked for Oliver for over 5 years. Although he is a man of few words he is awesome at ground preparation. His hard work makes him an incredibly valuable member of the team.