Grayrigg Primary, Kendal

“I absolutely love watching the children play in the texture kitchen, exploring the various textures, creating potions, perfumes, soups and much more. Rather than a role play kitchen, Cool canvas have created a space where children can develop their natural curiosity exploring materials, using their senses, developing their language as well as their gross and fine motor movements. The children are completely engaged in their play, the space created encourages collaborative work and is far more impressive than my own new kitchen at home!”

“The workshop design from cool canvas is a stroke of pure genius. It ticks boxes for everyone: Providing a place to store all the outdoor equipment whilst the actual workshop area is loved by the children particularly the boys, who are now completely immersing themselves in activities such as lifting, hammering, screwing and chiseling- I’ve never seen our boys so engaged in activities that develop those precious fine motor movements required for writing.”

“I knew I wanted to develop our outdoor area, but everything I looked at felt limited until I met with Cool Canvas. Oliver’s inspirational ideas fitted perfectly with our vision for an area with limitless play. The finished area was beyond my expectations, better than I had dared to imagine- an area where our children can experience even more extra-ordinary moments.”

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