A place for everyone

A place for everyone

“The organisation and design of the outdoors should include safe places where children can observe events without having to get involved unless they choose to, as well as active places where children can be boisterous and noisy.” EYFS effective practice for outdoor learning. Over the years we at Cool Canvas have been dedicated to producing … Read more

Have you seen Bluebell?

As a small family run business every member of our team is valuable. So too are our trusty Cool Canvas vans. We couldn’t do the job without them because they carry our handmade bespoke natural playground equipment from our Bolton workshop across the length and breadth of the UK. Of our fleet of vans there … Read more

Spending time with…. trees

The outside world has been my playground, and the best playing to be had has been among trees. I love den building, tree climbing, fire lighting, stick whittling, chain-sawing, rope swinging and in general being active and ‘doing’ stuff. However there is so much more to the woodland experience than doing. Latest research from Japan … Read more

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