A place for everyone

A place for everyone

“The organisation and design of the outdoors should include safe places where children can observe events without having to get involved unless they choose to, as well as active places where children can be boisterous and noisy.” EYFS effective practice for outdoor learning.

Over the years we at Cool Canvas have been dedicated to producing natural play spaces that meet multiple criteria. We are always conscious that each child is unique and in every design we try to ensure there is space for being active and space for being still.

Our favourite getaway design is the little ‘corner of curiosities’. Its rustic doorway offers an escape into a quiet place.

The bamboo screen will thicken over time allowing a space for children to experience the outside but get away from the hustle and bustle of energetic play.

Willow arches and domes are another versatile addition to a play area. As the living willow grows the sense of a secret refuge grows with it. A safe place for children to observe yet remain included in, the outside experience.

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