Have you seen Bluebell?

Have you seen Bluebell?

As a small family run business every member of our team is valuable. So too are our trusty Cool Canvas vans. We couldn’t do the job without them because they carry our handmade bespoke natural playground equipment from our Bolton workshop across the length and breadth of the UK.

Of our fleet of vans there is one particular vehicle that is everyone’s favourite. Faithful old Bluebell, the Nissan Cabster.

Although she’s getting on a bit she still keeps on trucking. She may not be up to the long journeys but Richard, our logistics manager keeps Bluebell busy in and around Bolton.

Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

First stop… the lumber yard

Then its sides up and back to base.

Now Bluebell is feeling a little boulder ( pardon the pun) she needs to take these beautiful pink stones to a local school to be installed as part of a fabulous water feature.

And last job of the day…

More timber for Aidy, James and Geoff to work their magic and back at base. Get a move on Bluebell, they’ve got a natural play space to complete for tomorrow.

So remember to look out for Bluebell as she and Richard travel around Bolton. Give her a wave … she might just wave back.

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