THE BEST OF BEGINNINGS. Natural play the outside way

THE BEST OF BEGINNINGS. Natural play the outside way

All my best memories have been made outdoors. From climbing trees as a boy to climbing mountains as an adult. From building a den in my parent’s yard to designing and building a hobbit hole in my own back garden.

The lessons I learned from a childhood spent playing outside have stood me in good stead for life as an adult. The skills that struggle to grow in a formal classroom setting, or sitting in front of a screen seem to flourish in a natural environment. Qualities such as imaginative play, creativity, boldness, leadership skills, co-operation, team work and risk taking will develop far more organically in an outside setting.

Yet, for a variety of reasons, so many children will miss out on this formative stage. My passion became about offering all kids the chance to experience what I had by bringing the outside to them.

Partnering with schools I have been able to tailor-make natural play areas that bring the freedom and wonder of the woods and wilderness to the children’s own environment.

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